WhatsApp Plus number one Mod all over, How?

In this article, I’ll tell you about the modifications and changes by Whatsapp Plus all updates. Firstly, their team monetizes all previous updates and then makes improvements in new on in the shape of some fixes or adding some more modifications. Its improvements are followings named “Changelog”.

WhatsApp Plus latest version

[Added] Anti-Ban protection for new numbers (Not Banned Before)
[Added] Fix banned numbers BETA (Not Working On All Numbers)
[Added] Mass Message Sender
[Added] New Style for Loading Fonts
[Added] Support Translation in Two Ways
[Added] Notifications and Toast in MODs settings
[Added] New Style and Buttons for WhatsApp Widget
[Added] Ability to make a call with Business Accounts
[Added] Clear temporary WhatsApp files
[Feature] lIn MODs Settings
[Enabled] Username Feature
[Fixed] Delete Status icon(Not Showing)
[Fixed] Crash When Open Header Settings
[Fixed] Open Hidden Chats In Some Phones
[Fixed] Fonts Not Working In Some Screens
[Fixed] Asking For Open Lock Twice In Chat
[Fixed] Problem With A Mass Message Sender
[Fixed] Themes Not Working In Emojis Dialog
[Fixed] Crash When Open Chat In Some Phones
[Fixed] Crash Problem When Activating a Number
[Fixed] Crash When Open Disable Calls Settings
[Fixed] Hidden Chats Not Opening In Some Styles
[Fixed] Hide View Status When Enabling Ghost Mod
[Fixed] The Problem Of Not Sending Images When Linked

[Misc] Extended Expiry Date
[Misc] Other Fixes And Improvements
[Enabled] Username Feature
[Enabled] Send Voice Notes(View Once)
[Enabled] Search In Chat By (Date / Time)
[Enabled] Green Dots Automatically In Chats
[Enabled] lcon To Hide Last Seen The Fab
[Enabled] Toast Who Viewed Your Status By Default
[Fixed] Pinned Chats
[Fixed] Anti-View Once
[Fixed] Hide Blue Ticks
[Fixed] Chats icons Colors
[Fixed] Fingerprint Problem
[Fixed] Some Theme Problems
[Fixed] Hidden Chats Options
[Fixed] Restore Backup From Sd
[Fixed] Avatar Option Not Showing
[Fixed] Crash When Adding A Member
[Fixed] Open Chats From Notifications
[Fixed] Listen To Voice Notes(Speaker)
[Fixed] Delete Status lcon(Not Showing)

[Improved] Anti-Ban Protection
[Improved] Hiding blue tick code is updated
[Improved] Unlimited open for once media
[Improved] Anti-Ban for People Who are Getting Repeat one hour Ban
[Fixed] Anti-view once issues 
[Fixed] Blue Ticks showing when Privacy is enabled 
[Fixed] Remove “Audio” From Custom
[Fixed] The problem of Not Sending Images When Linked
[Fixed] Sign-in field after activating the number
[Fixed] Some color themes not working on some screens
[Fixed] Keep archive chat notifications(Not Showing)
[Fixed] Showing profile pic of hidden chats in notifications
[Fixed] Showing Name & Date when we copy more than one message
[Fixed] Expiry problem when activating a number
[Misc] Other Fixes And Improvements

[Added] Ghost Mode: While Ghost Mode is active, Your Actions Will Be Invisible To Everyone. Your Last Seen ls Froze, Other People Will Think You Didn’t Receive The Messages, Opened Messages Will Not Turn Blue, And You Can View Statuses Secretly
[Added] See Message Edit History
[Added] Option To Show/Hide Ghost Mode icon
[Added] Option To Show Night/Light icon on Home
[Added] Custom Media Download Contro For Each Chat
[Added] WhatsApp Old UI Style (MOD Settings > Home > Header > Home UI Style)
[Improved] Anti-Ban Protection

[Extend] Expiry Date enhancement
[Fixed] Random Crash In Some Chats/Groups 
[Fixed] Crash When Opening MODS Story
[Misc] Other Fixes And Improvements

[Added] See Original Message Before Edit
[Added] Hide Play Voice/Video Notes Option
[Added] Save Feature For New Video Messages
[Added] lcon Next To “Edited” For Users To Notice
[Fixed] Download Emoji Packs In Android 13+
[Fixed] Status Privacy Crash For Some Users
[Fixed] WA Nav Unread Badge Not Taking Color
[Fixed] Forwarding Messages Crash For Some Users
[Fixed] Storage Permission Problem In Android 13+
[Fixed] Hidden Chat Showing In App icon Shortcuts
[Fixed] Concept Entry Increased Space Between Quoted Message
[Fixed] Delete For Everyone As Admin In Groups Not Taking Color
[Fixed] Video Note Message Download icon Not Appearing Sometimes
[Misc] Other Fixes And Improvement

[Fixed] Version Expired On Some Devices
[Fixed] Not Registering A New Account (Number) On Some Devices
[Improved] More Anti-Ban Protection
[Improved] Anti-Ban For People Who Are Getting Repeat 1 HR Ban
[Misc] Other Fixes And Improvements

[Fixed] Send My Location Issues
[Fixed] My Location Button In Map
[Fixed] Message Scheduler Crash
[Fixed] Crash When Clicking On Community
[Misc] Cleaned Up Some Settings
[Added] “Mark As Read” Inside Chat When Hide Blue Tick Is Enabled
[Improved] More Anti-Ban Protection
[Enabled] New Navbar UI
[Enabled] Send Media In HD
[Enabled] Pin Message For 24hr, 7 Days Or 30 Days
[Enabled] Send Quick Video Message (Click Once On Mic lcon)
[Enabled] Share Status On Facebook (Status Tab > Status Privacy)
[Fixed] Daily Local Backup
[Fixed] Elapsed Time Option
[Fixed] Search In Groups Tab
[Fixed] Online Payments Crash
[Fixed] Random Crash In Some Chats
[Fixed] Crash When Opening WA Story
[Fixed] Restore Backup In Android 13+
[Fixed] Calls Banner Bug In Home Screen
[Fixed] Voice Note Banner Bug With One UI
[Fixed] Storage Issue In Android 14
[Fixed] Space When Scrolling Some UI
[Fixed] Rounded Entry Recording Audio
[Fixed] Swipe Row Features Not Working
[Fixed] Bubble Bottom Bar Random Crash
[Fixed] Hide View Status On Some Phones
[Fixed] Android 14+ Theme Download Issue
[Fixed] Android 14+ Backup/Restore Issue
[Fixed] Custom Privacy For Business Chats
[Fixed] Screen Share Button Color In Calls
[Fixed] Backup/Restore Issues In Android 13+
[Fixed] Crash In Calls History On Some Phones
[Fixed] Date Bubble Not Showing Clearly When Scrolling
[Fixed] Some Text Not Showing On the White Theme During Calls
[Misc] Ghost Mode Now Takes Priority Over Custom Privacy
[Enabled] New Settings UI
[Enabled] Media Preview Feature
[Enabled] Adjust Group Permissions
[Enabled] Return Original Tabs Order
[Enabled] Multiple Accounts On the Same Devices
[Enabled] About With Expiry (24hr, 3 Days, 1 Week)
[Enabled] Option To Approve New Group Members Before Joining
[Enabled] Create Profile @Username, WaitFor Server Activation
[Enabled] Add Email Address To Your Account (Settings > Account)
[Fixed] Search In Calls
[Fixed] I0S14 Entry Style
[Fixed] Crash On Some Phones
[Fixed] Anti-View Once Issues
[Fixed] Crash On Older Devices
[Fixed] Storage Issue In Android 14

[Added] Media Backup / Restore Option (Images, Videos, Etc.) > MODS Settings > Universal > Backup And Restore
[Added] Send Docs, Media, Audio Up To 100MB+ Size
[Added] iOS 2023 Emojis pack (MODS Settings > Universal > Styles)
[Enabled] Edit Messages
[Enabled] PIN messages in Private Chats
[Enabled] Receive Pinned Messages From Others
[Enabled] Group Members Pic In Chat (official By WA)
[Enabled] Official Locked Conversations (Chat Info Page > Lock)
[Enabled] Transfer Chats Between Phones

[Improved] More Anti-Ban Protection
[Improved] Anti-Ban For People Who Are Getting Repeat 1 HR Ban
[Misc] Other Fixes And Improvements

[Added] Anti-Ban Protection
[Added] Load Custom Font
[Added] New “Msg A Number” UI Design
[Added] Option To Hide Status Cutter FAB (1- Select “Custom” From Font Style, Then 2- Use Load Font Option)
[Added] Mods Backup (Titanium) Updated Automatically Daily
[Added] Options To Hide Save And Mark Seen Buttons On the Status Page
[Added] Option To Hide Camera icon From Home Top Bar (Mods > Home Screen > Header)
[Enabled] Edit Messages
[Enabled] View Contact Story From Home
[Enabled] View Status From Contact Info Page
[Fixed] “Copy Select” In Chat Menu Translation Error
[Fixed] “Copy Caption” In Chat Menu Translation Error
[Fixed] Hide Muted/Recent/Viewed Updates Status Option
[Fixed] Payment lcon Showing Incorrectly In Some Entries
[Fixed] Hide Typing & Recording Privacy Not Working (Now Merged)
[Fixed] New Attach UI And Some Entries Not Opening Correct Gallery
[Fixed] Blank Space On Side When Recording Voice notes on Stock Entry Style
[Moved] Story Repost Option Into Download Box
[Misc]Other Fixes And Improvements
[Enabled] Quick Reactions To Status
[Enabled] New Text Status UI
[Enabled] New Drawing Pen
[Improved] Mods Backups Now Moved To Storage / Documents Folder
[Improved] Translations
[Fixed] Mods Backups Now Will Stay Even If WhatsApp Is Uninstalled
[Fixed] Crash In Message Scheduler Page On Some Phones
[Fixed] View All Person’s Messages In Group Chat
[Fixed] Group Message Counter In Group Info Page
[Fixed] Go To First Message
[Moved] Translate Option Settings To Mods >Universal > Settings
[Misc] Improved Anti-Ban
[Misc] Other Fixes And Improvements Due To Calls Privacy
[Added] Custom Double Tap Emoji For Every Chat (Chat > 3-Dots)
[Added] Custom Background Color For Text Status
[Added] Option To Disable Double Tap To Like
[Added] “Chat Backup” Option To Crash Page
[Added] Call Rejection Type Options
[Added] Custom Text Color For Text Status
[Added] New Way To Show Updates (Beta)
[Added] Double Tap To Like A Msg
[Added] Admin Indicator In Groups
[Improved] “Who Can Call Me” Settings
[Deny] Options Now Auto Disabled When Set To “Everyone”
[Improved] Show “Chats” Instead Of “WhatsApp” In One UI Header
[Improved] Start Moving To WA New Folder Location
[Added] In-App Translation
[Enabled] New Privacy Settings (Contacts Except) For Last Seen And Profile Photo
[Enabled] Disappearing Messages More Options (24 Hrs, 7 Days, 90 Days)
[Enabled] Reactions Feature (Long Press Any Msg)
[Enabled] Pause And Resume Voice Note Recording
[Enabled] New Contact Profile UI Design
[Fixed] Calling By Phone Call Option Giving Wrong Number Sometimes
[Fixed] Voice Notes Blue Mic icon issue In Home Screen
[Fixed] MOD Backup Folder Taking Big Storage Space
[Fixed] Translate Messages Shows Copied Message
[Fixed] False Anti-Virus/Anti-Malware Reports

[Added] Direct Translate icon Inside Message Box > 1-Click To Select Language, Long-Click To Change Language
[Added] Option To Disable Direct Translate (Mods > Conversation > Entry Style > Translate)
[Enabled] Message Yourself (Save Notes)
[Enabled] Forward Media With Caption
[Enabled] New Camera Tab UI
[Enabled] Post Voice Note As Status / Story
[Improved] Arabic, Urdu, German, Turkish, Spanish, Russian Translations
[Fixed] Basic / Bubbles / OS Style Camera Tab Glitch
[Fixed] Crash When Forwarding Some Messages
[Enabled] Sending Caption With Documents For All
[Enabled] Create Your Avatar (Like Bitmoji) For WA
[Enabled] Proxy Settings (Settings > Storage And Data > Proxy Settings)
[Enabled] Keep Messages Option WhenDisappearing Mode ls Active (Long Press Any Message)
[Improved] Status DP Ring Takes Same Color As Status Ring
[Fixed] Auto Reply / Forward Crash
[Fixed] Many Custom Text Status icons
[Fixed] Some Users Crash After Restore
[Fixed] WhatsApp Fingerprint Lock Issues
[Fixed] Hidden Chats “Forward To Option
[Fixed] Conversation Cards (Multi Chats) Option
[Fixed] Voice Note Playing Crash On Some Phones
[Improved] Anti-Ban For People Who Are Getting Repeat 1 HR Ban
[Fixed] Crash When Clicking On Community
[Misc] View All User Messages Moved To Group Info Page
[Misc] Some Styles Updated To Work With New WA Base.
[Misc] Cleaned Up Some Settings
[Misc] General Bug Fixes
[Misc] Other Fixes And Improvements

[Added] Ability To Share Multiple Images/ Videos / Files At Same Time From Chat To Outside Apps
[Added] Select Default “Translate To”Language In Convos (Mods > Universal > Settings)
[Added] Option To Group Admin Indicator Turn On / Off (Mods > Conversation Screen)
[Added] Option To Save After Preview Image /Video (3-Dot > Save To Gallery)

[Enabled] Privacy “My Contacts Except.”Feature”
[Enabled] Send Any Emoji As Reactions. Click “+” lcon
[Enabled] Listen To Voice Note After Chat Exit In Background
[Added] “Direct Contact Link” Option For Chats (Chat > 3-Dots) Allows You To Share any Whatsapp Contact Quickly, Without Sending Your Saved Details
[Added] More In-Chat Translate Languages: “Vietnamese”, “Tamil”, “Urdu'”, “Gujarati”, “Punjabi”, “Bengali”
[Added] Confirm Before Sending Status (Image/Video) Option (Mods > Home Screen)
[Added] “No Internet (Stays ‘Calling”)”
[Added] Mods Backups Now Created .ZIP File
[Added] Repost Option For Story / Status
[Enabled] Admin Can Remove Other People Messages In Group Chats (Only Works When Users On New Base)
[Enabled] Online Privacy! Choose Who Can See When You’re Online (Settings > Account > Privacy)
[Enabled] Leave Groups Secretly Without AII People Knowing (Only Admins Can See You Left)
[Enabled] Ability To See Past Participants Of Groups (Who Left And When!)
[Enabled] Filter Unread Messages Using Search
[Enabled] New Status Privacy Design Ul
[Enabled] Quick Reactions To Status
[Enabled] New Text Status UI
[Enabled] New Drawing Pen
[Fixed] Crash When forwarding some Messages
[Fixed] Some Entries Shape Issues
[Fixed] Some More Translations
[Misc] Enjoy And Discover By Yourself
[Misc] Other Fixes And Improvements

[Fixed] Crush In The Chat Screen On Some Devices

[Fixed] Major Problem That Caused App To Freeze

[Fixed] Major Problem Making App Unusable

[Misc] Other Fixes And Improvements “WhatsApp” In One UI Header

[Improved] Start Moving To WA New Folder Location

[Improved] Mods Settings Translation

[Improved] Anti-Ban Protection

[Fixed] Top Bar Disappearing In Stock UI

[Fixed] Voice/Video lcon Color In Calls Screen

[Fixed] Some Arabic Translation Spellings

[Misc] Themes And Backup/Restore Settings Page Now Show Folder Location

[Misc] Themes Folder Moved To /Download/Plus Themes

[Misc] Other Fixes And Improvements

[Fixed] Harmful App Notification By Play Protect

[Added] Clear Backup Option Now Delete All Old Backups Data. More Space Saving. (Mods > Universal > Backup And Restore > Clear)

[Added] Option To Switch Translation Mode Between In-App Or Gtranslate App (Mods > Conversation Screen > Translation Option)

[Added] Copy Caption Feature For Media (Image/Video) Select Image/Video > 3-Dot > Copy Caption

[Added] Status View Toast (Mods > Home Screen) Now Immediately When People Watch Your Status

[Added] Buttons To Scroll To the Bottom (Newest) And Top (0ldest) Message In In View All Messages Screen

[Added] “Save To Gallery” Option When Media Visibility Is Turned Off

[Added] Ability To Set “Search Web”

[Added] Download For View Once Images/Video

[Added] View All Messages Sent By Contact In Group (Click On Name)

[Added] Option To Change Online Dot Color (Mods Settings > Home Screen > Rows)

[Fixed] Archive Chat Not Showing On Group Tab

[Fixed] RC-Telegram X Recording Box Bug

[Fixed] Crash When Trying To Archive A Hidden Chat

[Fixed] Large Empty Space In Hidden Chat And Archived Chat

[Fixed] Groups With “Admin Only”

[Added] Message Scheduler & Auto Reply

[Added] Send And Open View Once Media

[Added] Fast Playback For Voice Messages 1.5x To 2x

[Fixed] Google Drive Stuck Message In Register Number

[Fixed] “Set My Name” Not Working In Stock Ui

[Fixed] Hidden Chat Notification Causing Crashes

[Fixed] Hidden Chats Random Crash When Going Back

[Fixed] “Default” Word Not Showing In Color Dialog

[Fixed] Set Wallpaper For Home & Lock Screen Crash

[Fixed] Stories (Muted, Viewed, Recent) Not Working

[Fixed] Auto Reply Receiver Options lssue

[Fixed] Statuses Remain Unseen Problem

[Fixed] Hide View Status Not Working

[Fixed] Hide Blue Mic Not Working

[Fixed] Archive Hidden Chat Crash

[Fixed]Copy Select Crash

[Added] Message Scheduler & Auto Reply

[Added] AI Dialogs Now Take Color Of Dark/Light Mode

[Added] Save Profile Picture Redesign Pin & Pattern Lock Screen

[Fixed] Arabic Alignment Issue

[Fixed] Delay Messages On Some Phones

[Added] New Options To Download Story (Copy Caption, Share, Etc.)

[Added] Themes Store Dark/Light Mode Automatically

[Added] Option to Hide Privacy Terms Notice Message (Universal>Hide Privacy Msg)

[Fixed] WhatsApp Lock Not Working For Pattern And Pin

[Fixed] Random Notification Crash

[Fixed] Notification Not Showing For Hidden Chats

[Fixed] Random Crash While Using lg Status Style

[Fixed] Hide Call Buttons From Conversation Action Bar Not Working

[Fixed] Mute lcon Not Showing For Chats In Groups Tab

[Fixed] Conversation Cards (Multi Chats) Option Not Working

[Fixed] Clicking On “WhatsApp” Doesnt Open Hidden Chats On Some Phones

[Fixed] “Who Can Call Me’ Options Not Choosing Contacts Properly

[Fixed] APK not Installing On Android 5

[Fixed] Random Crash After Registering Phone Number On Some Phones

[Misc] Improved Anti-Ban Feature

[Re-Added] Ability To Save Profile Picture

[Fixed] Contacts List Not Showing On Some Phones

[Fixed] Status Splitter Crash On Some Phones

[Misc] Other Fixes And Improvements

[Added] Mention Mark

[Added] Online/Offine Dot

[Added] Blue Tick On Reply For Groups (It is Automatically Enabled With Normal Blue Tick On Reply Option)

[Added] Load Theme From ZIP File

[Added] Click On Status Caption To Copy

[Re-Added] Option To Increase Forward Limit To 250 ( USE AT YOUR OWN RISK.)

[Added] New UI For Copy Selection Of Text From Message Bubble (Highlight Bubble > 3 Dots > Message Selection)

[Added] Advanced Search

[Added] New Custom Wallpaper UI

[Re-Added] Hide Recent Chats Option

[Re-Added] Hide Other Contacts Option

[Re-Added] Hide Frequently Contacted

[Re-Added] Hide Other Contacts Option

[Re-Added] Hide Frequently Contacted Option

[Fixed] Backup Not Found

[Fixed] New Menu Now Closes Automatically

[Fixed] Random Crashes When Messaging Groups

[Fixed] Sending Messages In Groups Takes a Long Time

[Fixed] Blue Tick On Reply Crashes

[Fixed] Swipe Row Crash

[Fixed] Reset Preferences Now Also Resets Default Wallpaper

[Fixed] Crash Using Status Splitter On Some Phones (Not All)

[Misc] Many Other Fixes And Improvements

[Misc] Enjoy And Discover By Yourself!

[Added] Option To Hide Privacy Terms Notice Msg (Universal > Hide Privacy Msg). You Can Hide It Without Accepting.

[Added] Translations For Voice Changer Options

[Fixed] “Copy Caption” From Long Press To Download Options

[Fixed] Shop Items Crash

[Fixed] Contact Name Not Showing Clearly In Caption Mention

[Fixed] Themes Wallpaper Not Applying to some Phones

[Fixed] WA Entry Not Taking Background Color

[Fixed] Full Backup Not Working On Android 11+

[Improved] German, Turkish, Spanish, Russian Translations

[Fixed] Calls Crash In Some Android 11 Devices

[Fixed] Random Crash When Saving A Status

[Fixed] Media Not Downloading & Connection Issues In Packages

[Fixed]Fixed Media Not Downloading & Connection Issues In Packages

[Fixed] Message/Caption Text Box Color When Sending Image/Video In Night Mode

[Misc] Other Fixes And Improvements

It is a modified APK developed by unknown developers, having features with no limits. It provides everything that the original one never offers like unlimited accounts at a time, advanced privacy and security features, and unique customization.

The team rolls out updates whole the month and then observes the flaws. After observing the flaws they brought new modifications and changes in the new update. This impacts user experience positively.

Mostly, it brings modifications like privacy, anti ban, and voice control. In addition to this if it crashes in any device then they can improve this issue as well and ensure its smooth working.

There is no fixed time for its updates but according to previous observations, its updates come after every month. Flaws of previous updates motivate it to bring new updates.

Yes, the users always expect significant improvements with every new update because the new version always brings new advancements. These improvements are added to the changelog and they ensure smooth working.

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