Are you looking for a way to boost your messaging experience? The search is over! Whatsapp Plus is the best option. It is an original, anti ban, and fully customizable with its features. Just click to download and enjoy its experience.

Whatsapp Plus is a venerable social media application since 2012. This is the most famous mod of Whatsapps and that’s why it is trustworthy among all others. In this App, you will receive uncalculable features without any restrictions or cost. This app allows you to download statuses, hide your last seen, and heaps more. Presently, it has all sorts of features you want to use for your delectation and business purposes because it allows you to be able to show online 24/7 as you can set automatic replies on it. More to this you can hide blue ticks, implement privacy on double ticks, and other plenty of attributes like these.

This application provides high security to your chats and data. It allows more guarded features like pattern, pin, and fingerprint even to your chats. I’m using this mod and am fully satisfied with this application. It has always helped me and created ease for my daily life experience. I recommend you to try it once instead of the simple WhatsApp.

What is Orignal Whatsapp Plus? and How has it developed?

apk whatsapp plus

It is a modified application of WhatsApp that offers you an exclusive experience than other communication apps. It was developed by a small group of anonymous developers who modified the original Whatsapp and named it Plus due to its plus features. these developers often operate anonymously or under pseudonyms to avoid potential legal issues because of violation of the intellectual property rights owned by WhatsApp lnc.

This app is not available on Play Store and you can download the original WhatsApp Plus only on my blog It has been specially designed to create ease of communication. It also entertains users with its fonts, themes, and colors. This app updates itself every month to bring new features and smoothness to it.

In the features of this mod first of all the home screen layout of this app is very satisfying which includes the DND (Do Not Disturb) button, Add multiple accounts, Ghost mode, and a search option. Its search option is very delicate because you can search with the proper tag of the item that you want to see for example unread messages, photos, videos, links, gifs, audio, documents, polls, etc. In addition to this, you can customize the color and style of every single item in plus settings this is an appropriate exercise.

ModedPrivacy Customization
Anti banDND (do not disturb) modeTheme customization
Anti revoke systemHide status viewDark mode
Download statusChat lock (pattern and pin)Extra fonts
Multiple account systemOne contact privacyEditable sent messages
Send large files up to 2GBClear your APPPin more chats
Message a numberMessage read alertMass message sender
Auto replySchedule a messageLarge status up to 5 minutes and 240 characters
Video messageProfile privacyLayout uniqueness
Hide blue ticks and forward tagControl callsWidget design
Main Features of this MOD APK

The user interface is very important in every application and no one can compete Plus WhatsApp. It gives multiple layouts for UI and story style and IOS Style and Instagram-like stories are the best options. You can also customize which things you want to show on your home and which do not. And check all these in the home setting and customize all the colors you want to. Further, set privacy for hidden chats and edit or remove the airplane button from the home screen, and also hide your archived chats these features are given in the Whatsapp Plus App.

This app took your chat experience to the next level with its chat customization and privacy. It includes hiding the contact name, contact profile, and contact status and also changing their colors these actions can be done in the action bar of chat settings. Users can change tick and bubble styles to entertain them. There is an option to set the message text size and colors and hiding the date and name to copy the message is only possible in this social media App.

In theme customization, it is different for all apps to have extra apps if you use one layout daily then the first theme will repeat after 360 days. I don’t believe that someone will get bored using this. OneUI-Dark theme, RcmsgOne-(white, dark green, and green), YoRose, Twitter, YoGoogle, and Pinguim-Foaud-Tatthy these are some famous themes. If you want to use your own theme then there is an option to upload files from your gallery. After this, you can select the photo of your choice and upload it easily.

In plus options, you can change colors everywhere including the UI. You can set gradient color, universal action bar background color, status bar color, and navigation background. And set all of them in the universal setting of plus options. also, change them manually and by color codes.

To boost your experience with this communication app you have to ensure the leading look of your app. There are many options available for emojis and you can use the variant that you want WhatsApp, Facebook, IOS, and Android are available in this mod. These are available in this application you can choose your launcher icon and notification icons 50 different icons are available for both and you can also customize your font style to take an appealing look.

In the privacy of this app, the first option is to hide online status by using this you can freeze your last seen. You can hide blue ticks, second tick, writing status, recording, and blue microphone and you can check all these items as per your wish for your contacts and groups. You can disable forward tags, see deleted messages, watch unlimited times “view once” messages, show blue ticks after a reply, and view a contact’s status without telling them, and deleted statuses will be visible to you for 24 hours and not be deleted for you so you can watch that deleted status any time within a day.

In security options, the tired Whatsapp provides only a fingerprint option which creates issues while detecting fingers which proves hard for users so plus Whatsapp gives three options pattern, finger, and pin. The most secure of all is a pattern because it allows you to make it invisible and change wallpaper while unlocking it.

In this You can hide your important media from the gallery like any image or video that you don’t want to show, you can hide them. There you can enable a conversation card, disable heads up notifications, disable audio playing in notifications, and increase the forward limit up to 250 contacts also set the image resolution quality for sending. After this, you can enable swipe to exit from chats and enable your status to always online.

  • It has boosted anti ban safety.
  • You can enjoy more color customization and an appealing theme.
  • You can add cases to get an appearance like IOS, Instagram, and Facebook.
  • It works smoothly and has a responsive support system.
  • You can set your status ON all the time.
  • It is end-to-end encrypted with a strong privacy policy.
  • It is free of cost.
  • It is not available on Play Store and App Store.
  • It does not support low devices.
  • It is not an official and has no rights reserved.
  • Sometimes it crashes on some devices but it has solutions for this.
  • Firstly, you have to turn ON your app backup from settings. By doing this a backup will be created. (settings > chats > chat backup)
  • Secondly, uninstall the Whatsapp.
  • After this, download Whatsapp Plus and install it from the apps folder of your device.
  • After the installation process, open the app, enter your phone number, and click on the “Next” button.
  • Now, you will receive a confirmation code. Enter the code and press the verify button.
  • After entering the code a new page will appear on the screen which will ask for restoring your data so press the “restore” button.
  • Wait for a few moments for process completion. And enjoy safely.
  • First of all, go to settings and allow to download the apps from unknown sources i.e: (settings> security> unknown sources)
  • Now go to the download page of
  • click on the download button and the process of downloading will start.
  • After this go to File Manager and select the downloaded file from the APKs.
  • Press on “Install Now” and after the installation process becomes complete open the app.
  • Now enter the number to account and enjoy!
App NameWhatsapp Plus
App CategorySocial Media
App VersionV17.85
App Size72.21 MB
App Downloads1M +
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Video Guide to Download WhatsApp Plus APP
WhatsApp Plus for pc

Mostly, people do not know that they can enjoy the features of Whatsapp Plus on pc. So, I am here to tell you that you can easily use this amazing application on a bigger screen. Now look no further and just focus on the process!

First of all, you have to download any emulator on your computer. There are many emulators but the most recommended one is Blue Stacks. 

After installing blue stacks on your computer you can easily use this app. So, enter your number and log in to your account. 

Now you can enjoy the amazing features on a large screen.

To schedule a message, just open the APK and go to your chats tab. There you have to select the contact or groups to which you want to send the message. Then type the text and press the schedule button to set the time and date. After this, your message will be sent at the time that you have fixed.

Yes, WhatsApp Plus is that one that allows you to use unlimited accounts at a time and on a single app.

Yes, you can easily send messages to multiple accounts at a time by using the broadcast or forwarding feature.

No, your data will be fully safe as it is a secure and anti ban application.

Yes, you can get full support and help from this app as it has a security center through which you can approach them and contact them.

WhatsApp Plus has countless and enhanced features. It is a completely verified and anti-ban mod like, we can directly message to any unsaved number from this app, and we can set a status for more than 5 minutes. Besides this, we have auto-reply, mass message sending, and scheduled replies, all of these make it supreme. It provides it’s all its version details in the changelog. In the end, there’s a share option through which you can share it with your friends and get entertained by using it.